Ariston Global opens London office and expands into Africa

Business advisory specialist, Ariston Global, reported financial year growth of 91%, recording more than 50% growth since the previous year. This exponential growth according to Reginald Pillay, Group Managing Director, Finance and Operations at Ariston Global, lies in the business advisory services offered and how these are packaged to clients of all sizes, including the small and medium sector. The Group plans to expand its reach into Africa, and will also leverage growth opportunities within the United Kingdom.

“There is a clear gap in the market for an advisory role spanning across all business areas. Having improved our own organisational capability, Ariston deploys strategies that are tried and tested, aligned to the target market, and aimed at making good businesses great,” says Pillay .

The company currently offers services across accounting, tax, human resources, payroll, business optimisation, compliance, recruitment and strategy.

Targeting Africa, Ariston has offices in Botswana and is growing its representation in Zambia, Congo, Nigeria and Kenya. Pillay  says that Africa holds much promise and Ariston has targeted the continent’s fastest developing countries: “Africa has all the resources, both naturally and intellectually, to become a leading provider of services and solutions across industry sectors. Ariston’s strategy is to provide truly entrepreneurial solutions to businesses at the forefront of this African focused development.”

Leveraging business growth in other countries, Ariston is pursuing London as its foray into the global sector. With an office set up in this European hub, Pillay  says that while it is an established market, strategic advice is almost exclusively targeted at large corporates: “We have learnt through our network of operations that medium-sized businesses are in need of strategic advice as much as large corporates. Our experience across Africa and now in Europe, makes us an ideal advisory to all businesses. We have managed and dealt with volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity, making Ariston a perfectly placed advisory service to assist clients to grow their businesses.”